Energy is essential for game play, and you use it to play Scenes or challenge your friends in FastFind. Energy is received as a Gift from your friends, by visiting Neighbors, purchasing it in the Marketplace, when leveling up, or automatically over time. You are not able to use more than a specific number of Energy in a 24-hour period.

Source for Energy Bearbeiten

Energy earned

Timer until new Energy is earned

  • Earned every 5 minutes (as long as you have less than the maximum energy available).
  • Sent from your neighbors as a voluntary Gift.
  • Received for visiting the first (how many?) Neighbors each day.
  • Received for Leveling up.
  • Requested from your neighbors via Ask your Neighbors for Energy.

You can accumulate more energy as you get more experience. As you level up in experience, you will earn more spots for energy, up to a maximum of fifty.

Energy that has been gifted can be found in your inventory. You can only use twenty-five energy boosts daily, no matter what the size or the source.

Top Tip: I like to wait until I have 10x +20 Energies and 10x +30 Energies, then use them all in one go. That way I always know that I've used my daily allowance, and I also know when the limit is reset (i.e., same time tomorrow).

Energy Glitch Bearbeiten

Energy glitch

Energy glitch (52 energy while 47 is the maximum)

Sometimes you have more Energy than you should be allowed to have at your Level this happens e.g. if you get Energy from a Quest reward while you are already at the maximum.

Ask for EnergyBearbeiten

If your Energy Level is very low you see a button beneath your Energy bar that says "Add Energy" if you click it a window will appear where you can either buy new Energy or click on the "Ask for Energy" button. It will then post to your Newsfeed and if your Neighbors clicking it you will both get a small amount of energy. The ""Buy some Energy" window will also appear if you try to perform an action you don't have enough Energy for. Just don't get confused that it says "buy" and just click the button at the bottom. However you can only ask for Energy once a day.

Energy-Add Energy button
Energy-Aks for Energy Window
Energy-posted to Newsfeed


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"Player" needs energy. Please help!
Be a pal and send them energy. You'll be well rewarded!
Bonus einsammeln: Free_Energy

Maximum Energy Bearbeiten

Every player starts with 26 Energy at Level 1. The maximum energy that is possible depends on which Level you are. You are rewarded with some Energy everytime you reach a new Level, see table below for how much it is.

Level Maximum Reward for Leveling up
Level 1 26 Energy-icon
Level 2 28 Energy-icon
Level 3 30 Energy-icon
Level 4 32 Energy-icon
Level 5 34 Energy-icon
Level 6 36 Energy-icon
Level 7 38 Energy-icon
Level 8 40 Energy-icon
Level 9 41 Energy-icon
Level 10 42 Energy-icon
Level 11 43 Energy-icon
Level 12 44 Energy-icon
Level 13 45 Energy-icon
Level 14 46 Energy-icon
Level 15 47 Energy-icon
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19 50 Energy-icon
Level 20 50 Energy-icon
Level 21 50 Energy-icon
Level 22 50 Energy-icon
Level 23 50 Energy-icon
Level 24 50 Energy-icon 24 Energy-icon
Level 25 50 Energy-icon
Level 26 50 Energy-icon
Level 27 50 Energy-icon
Level 28 50 Energy-icon
Level 29 50 Energy-icon
Level 30 50 Energy-icon
Level 31 50 Energy-icon
Level 32
Level 33
Level 34
Level 35
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