Icon marketplace buildings Edifici can be found in the Mercato. They are subdivided to the following categories: architecture, houses, recreation & storage. Buildings need the help of your Neighbors to get finished. You can earn Estate Points for finishing buildings. For items that are only offered for a limited time please look at Limited Edition Item.

Icon marketplace buildings architecture ArchitectureModifica

Icon Name Level Costs Earns
Marketplace Music Gazebo-icon Music Gazebo 11 XP-icon 3.000 EstateCoins-icon 650 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Floral Gazebo-icon Floral Gazebo 1 XP-icon 8.000 EstateCoins-icon 1.050 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Clock Tower-icon Clock Tower 19 XP-icon 8.500 EstateCoins-icon 1.100 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Moonshine Still-icon Moonshine Still ? XP-icon 1.400 EstateCoins-icon 290 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Past-Time Picnic-icon Past-Time Picnic ? XP-icon 1.950 EstateCoins-icon 335 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace 1930s Getaway Car-icon 1930s Getaway Car ? XP-icon 2.550 EstateCoins-icon 350 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Regina's Diner (Building)-icon Regina's Diner (Building) ? XP-icon 2.550 EstateCoins-icon 350 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Tea House-icon Tea House 5 XP-icon 3.150 EstateCoins-icon 650 EstatePoints-icon

Icon marketplace buildings HousesModifica

Icon Name Level Costs Earns
Marketplace Caretaker's House-icon Caretaker's House 7 XP-icon 1.500 EstateCoins-icon 600 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Pool House-icon Pool House 15 XP-icon 5.000 EstateCoins-icon 1.000 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Guest House-icon Guest House 21 XP-icon 9.000 EstateCoins-icon 1.800 EstatePoints-icon

Icon marketplace buildings recreation RecreationModifica

Icon Name Level Costs Earns
Marketplace Tennis Court-icon Tennis Court 25 XP-icon 11.000 EstateCoins-icon 2.400 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Basketball Court-icon Basketball Court 29 XP-icon 14.000 EstateCoins-icon 3.100 EstatePoints-icon

Icon marketplace buildings storage StorageModifica

Icon Name Level Costs Earns
Marketplace Gardening Shed-icon Gardening Shed 4 XP-icon 1.000 EstateCoins-icon 320 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Gardening Storage-icon Gardening Storage n/a XP-icon 600 EstateCoins-icon 0 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Decoration Storage-icon Decoration Storage n/a XP-icon 620 EstateCoins-icon 0 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Greenhouse-icon Greenhouse 23 XP-icon 10.000 EstateCoins-icon 2.100 EstatePoints-icon
Marketplace Large Garage-icon Large Garage 27 XP-icon 12.500 EstateCoins-icon 2.600 EstatePoints-icon

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