Mercato is the place where you can buy items. It's divided into several sections such as Special, Decorazioni, Giardinaggio, Strutture, Edifici, Potenziamenti, Indizio and Suggerimenti. The items can be purchased for Estate Coins or Estate Cash

The Mercato has several categories:

Icon marketplace decorationsIcon marketplace gardeningIcon marketplace structuresIcon marketplace buildings

Decorazioni - Giardinaggio - Strutture - Edifici

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More categories that do not show much yet and therefore have no own page:

Icon marketplace specialsSpecialModifica

Main article: Limited Edition Item

Things that are offered for a limited time, given as quest rewards, needed to complete a quest or just featured for some reasons. Limited time items can be found at Limited Edition Items the other items are found in the Categories above.

Icon marketplace boostsPotenziamentiModifica

At the moment you can only buy different packs of Energy .


Different packs of Indizio used to expand your Estate.

Marketplace Target Hint-icon SuggerimentiModifica

Different packs of Suggerimenti.

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