FastFind is the game you can play to challenge your Neighbors and improve your skills in finding hidden objects. To start a new FastFind game you have to visit your Neighbor and click on the stopwatch in the upper left corner. You will be given a choice of either playing the new Spring Egg Hunt scene or a random other FastFind Scene.

At the start of play you have 60 seconds to find as many objects as possible. Following completion your Neighbor will see your profile icon above their Ramsey Manor informing them that you want him/her to challenge you for the highest score. If a Neighbor has challenged you to a game of FastFind you will see his/her profile icon above your Manor. Each FastFind Scene uses a predetermined amount of Energy to play (see table below for details). Following completion you will be rewarded with both Estate Coins and Reputation Points according to your success.

FastFind Scenes Modifica

Icon Name Total
Scene Spring Egg Hunt-icon Spring Egg Hunt
- NEW -
72 3 Energy-icon
Scene St. Peter's-icon St. Peter's 54 3 Energy-icon
Scene Tropical Beach-icon Tropical Beach 77 3 Energy-icon
Scene Machu Picchu-icon Machu Picchu 72 3 Energy-icon
Scene Tut's Tomb-icon Tut's Tomb 74 3 Energy-icon
Scene Living Room-icon Living Room 79 3 Energy-icon
Scene Ski Lodge-icon Ski Lodge 69 3 Energy-icon

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