Artifacts are what enable you to explore the Scenes, and they point to a powerful book, known as the Master Chronicles. The Guardian’s role is to restore these artifacts through the completion of Quests and Scenes to find the Master Chronicles.

Standard Artifacts

Name Icon Chapter
Carnelian Necklace Artifact Carnelian Necklace-icon The Scarlet Stones
Italian Violin Artifact Italian Violin-icon A Haunting Melody
Jade Crocodile Artifact Jade Crocodile-icon Journey in Jade
Napoleonic Sword Artifact Napoleonic Sword-icon A Napoleon Complex
Jeweled Egg Artifact Jeweled Egg-icon The Jeweled Cast-off
Ming Vase Artifact Ming Vase-icon Imperial Vessel
Gold Nugget Artifact Gold Nugget-icon The Midas Touch
Greek Statue Artifact Greek Statue-icon Buried Beauty
Egyptian Mask Artifact Egyptian Mask-icon Gazing Across Centuries
Secluded Treehouse Secluded Treehouse-icon Secluded Location
Secluded Windmill Secluded Windmill-icon Secluded Location
Secluded Lion Pond Secluded Lion Pond-icon Secluded Location
Secluded Pavilion Secluded Pavilion-icon Secluded Location
Secluded Retreat Secluded Retreat-icon Secluded Location

Episode Artifacts

Name Icon Chapter
Cameo Necklace Artifact Cameo Necklace-icon A Secret Past
Tiger Bookend Artifact Tiger Bookend-icon Kipling's Tiger
Diamond Dog Collar Artifact Diamond Dog Collar-icon Doggone Dog
Japanese Fan Artifact Japanese Fan-icon Okuni's Fan
Ring of Truth Artifact Ring of Truth-icon Ring of Truth
Gold Bracelets Artifact Gold Bracelets-icon Titanic part 1 /
Titanic Phase 2: parts 3 & 4

Limited Edition Artifacts

Name Icon Chapter
Dragon Statue Artifact Dragon Statue-icon Year of the Dragon
Valentine Artifact Valentine-icon Lasting Love
Silver Teapot Artifact Silver Teapot-icon Oliver's Teapot
Ancient Harp Artifact Ancient Harp-icon The Lost Harp
Wicker Basket Artifact Wicker Basket-icon A Basket Case

The Seven Sons Artifacts

Name Icon Chapter
Lofftur's Harp 60px Iceland
Envy's Emerald 60px Jordan Estate : Envy
Columbus' Cape 60px Sintra Estate : Greed
Red Arrow 60px Jungle : Fear
Rose Compass 60px Malta : Courage

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