Boosts can help you improve your game. They can be bought for Estate Coins, Estate Cash and/or Energy in the Marketplace or after starting a FastFind Scene.


At the moment you can only buy different packs of Energy in the Marketplace but with the release on May 19th, 2012 you can also get some boosts after starting a game of FastFind. At the moment you can choose 2 out of 3 Boosts for the current Scene. Each Boost costs you Energy.

Name Icon Price Description
Slow-Mo Combos Boost Slow-Mo Combos-icon ? Energy-icon "Make combo time counter last longer before losing your como multipliers."
Colossal Combos Boost Colossal Combos-icon ? Energy-icon "Add a +1 multiplier to your maximum combo limit"
Time Freeze Boost Time Freeze-icon ? Energy-icon "Freeze the clock for 5 seconds." (You can go on playing)
Clue Swap Boost Clue Swap-icon ? Energy-icon Getting a new Set of Objects to find


"Energy lets you play more scenes!"

Icon Name Costs
Marketplace Energy5-icon +5 Energy 5 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Energy10-icon +10 Energy 9 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Energy20-icon +20 Energy 17 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Energy40-icon +40 Energy 32 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Energy80-icon +80 Energy 60 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Energy100-icon +100 Energy 75 Resources ECash-icon


FastFind Boosts-Teaser

FastFind Boosts-Info
Select a boost by clicking on the Select button. Click the X button to remove a boost you previously selected
FastFind Boosts-Time Freeze Active
Time Freeze Active and Caption of the Clue Swap
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