Clues are needed to buy new Expansions for the Estate. They can be bought in the Marketplace, send by Neighbors or collected from your facebook news feed.

Expansion Clue-Screenshot

You can request Clues (for land expansion) from your facebook friends by clicking on an unexplored area of land then click the "Post for Clues" button.

This will post a request on your facebook wall and on your friend's news feed requesting friends to click the "Send Clue" link (see example below) your friend will also receive a Clue in return.

However, Zynga have limited the amount of Clues you receive from friends currently to only 5.

You can also collect Clues from your friends request posts on your facebook news feed along with certain other achievement posts by clicking on the "Get Clue" link.

However Zynga has put limits on how many clues you can collect off your news feed each day to 5 of the "Send Clue" and 5 "Get Clue" in any 24 hour period.

Top Tip: You can filter your facebook news feed to show only Hidden Chronicles posts by clicking this link: bookmark it now and use it whenever collecting from and helping your neighbours.

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Inventory Clues-Screenshot

Don't know how many Clues you have?

You can check how many Clues you have by checking inside your Inventory.

However Zynga currently only allow us to have a maximum of 35 Clues inside our Inventories.

Clues in the Marketplace

Icon Name Costs
Marketplace Clue-icon Clue x5 12 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Clue-icon Clue x10 25 Resources ECash-icon
Marketplace Clue-icon Clue x20 40 Resources ECash-icon


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"Player" wants to explore their estate, but they're feeling clueless.
But that's what friends are for! Give them a clue and you'll get one, too.
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