Cremona Masterpiece
Quest Cremona Masterpiece-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Start NPC Emma
Rewards 320EstateCoins-icon, 30XP-icon
Other Rewards Material Tool Belt-icon Tool Belt
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Bowing In London

The Cremona Masterpiece is one of the first Quests in Hidden Chronicles. For some players there where only two tasks.


Quest Task Unlock Cremona Workshop-icon Unlock the Cremona Workshop and Help with the Violin's Creation
The Wishing Welll and Classic Arbor will earn you valuable Estate Points to help unlock this scene.
Quest Task Find Cremona Workshop-icon Play the Violin Jigsaw Minigame
Find all hidden objects in the Cremona Workshop to unlock this game.
Quest Task Trophy Cremona Workshop-icon Earn 2 Trophies on Cremona Workshop
Explore scenes again to hone your Guardian skills.


Share Italian Violin-feed
—Image © Zynga
Unscramble this Secret Name: idguwl avn vohtenebe.
"Player" completed Cremona Masterpiece quest! What mastery! Try YOUR skills at the scramble puzzle. Hint: famous musician.
Share Bonus: Estate Coins