Guardian Challenge
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Vital statistics
Source Answer the Guardian Challenge
Cash Complete 100 EstateCash-icon
Materials Yes
Waiting Time No
Crewmembers No
Limited Time
Start date 2012-May-05
End date TBA

The Guardian Challenge starts off with a series of quests within the Answer the Guardian Challenge quest in Hidden Chronicles. The first of which is to unlock a new FastFind style Challenge scene called the Stage Coach. The quests continue to let you unlock the new Guardian Challenge feature for some of the older FastFind scenes too.


Guardian Challenge-button

You start Playing the Guardian Challenge by clicking on the "Guardian Challenge" button in your neighbors bar at the bottom of the screen...

Guardian Challenges-menu

...You then have a choice of unlocking another scene or playing one that you've previously unlocked. Once you have completed the 60 second game it offers you the opportunity to post your high score to your wall to encourage your friends & Neighbors to Challenge you.

Guardian Challenge vs FastFind

There are various pros & cons to playing Guardian Challenge Scenes as opposed to the FastFind scenes.


 C The ability to chose which scene to play in advance.
 C The opportunity for any of all your friends to beat your best score.
 C Generally more Coins awarded upon completion.
 C More XP awarded upon completion.


 D Guardian Challenges require substancially more Energy to play.
 D You can't use FastFind Boosts on Challenges.

Teaser Gallery

British Kitchen - NEW Tut's Tomb Stage Coach
Quest Scene British Kitchen-teaser

Quest Scene Tut's Tomb-teaser

Quest Scene Stagecoach-teaser

Living Room Ski Lodge Tropical Beach
Quest Scene Living Room-teaser

Quest Scene Ski Lodge-teaser

Quest Scene Tropical Beach-teaser

St. Peter's Spring Egg Hunt Machu Picchu
(G.C. unreleased)
Quest Scene St. Peter's-teaser

Quest Scene Spring Egg Hunt-teaser

Quest Scene Machu Picchu-teaser


Guardian Challenge Story


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