Neighbor Quest
Neighbors or friends are a good way to earn more Coins, Energy, Reputation and are also required to help complete many Quests in Hidden Chronicles.

You can acquire Neighbors by inviting your friends to play Hidden Chronicles and send them a 'neighbor request'.
Neighbour Bar

Neighbor Bar

Once your friends accept your neighbor requests they will appear on your 'Neighbor Bar' at the bottom of the screen. (see example above) Clicking on your neighbors' icon will allow you to visit their Estate.

Neighbour Daily Reward

Daily reward for visiting a neighbor

When visiting your Neighbor daily, you will be rewarded with Coins, Energy, & Reputation.

Once on your Neighbors' Estate you will be prompted to hide a Secret Package on his/her estate so that they will have a surprise next time they play the game.

You can also challenge your Neighbor to a game of FastFind to see which of you can find more hidden objects in a particular scene within 60 seconds.

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