Ramsey Manor
Location Ramsey Manor-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Estate
Type House
Inhabitants Player
Level 1

Ramsey Manor is the main building on your Estate. If you click on it you can choose the Scenes you want to play. Previously there was a little Map icon in the upper right corner and if you clicked it you could see an overview of the Manor's Rooms. Now they changed it to a tabbed view and removed the map icon. The number of Scenes you are able to play depend on your Level and Estate Points.


Scene Overlook

Outdated Example picture of how it looks after clicking on the house Scenes Library 01

Halloween Mansion

As a special offer during Halloween, players were given a chance to upgrade their manors to the Halloween Mansion. Like the Mediterranean Mansion, it was worth 2500 EP. However, it cost more at 99 Estate Cash.

Halloween mansion



Mediterranean Mansion

On 13th October, the game gave players a chance to renovate the manor into a new one. This manor was worth 2500 EP, cost 75 Estate Cash and would replace the old manor building with the Mediterranean Mansion. However, this offer was limited to the amount of manors left.


How the mansion appears in the advert


The advertisement for the mansion