Secret Package (icon)

Secret packages can be left as a special gift on your Neighbor's estate. You both get Reputation and Estate Coins for placing and opening the package. After you found all packages on your Estate you can share a reward on your newsfeed.

Help To Find Hidden Packages

Sometimes hidden packages can be hard to find so here's a few tips to consider:-

Hidden Packages-animation
  • Blending into surroundings - sometimes packages can simply blend into the surroundings of your Estate.

  • Behind Coin Fountain Bubble - if you have the Coin Fountain check behind the bubble by either clicking it to collect the reward or by using the move tool to move the fountain to a different location. (see image)

  • Behind Neighbors Challenge Icons - if like me you have a lot of neighbors challenging you to beat their FastFind score, packages could be hidden behind those. (see image)

Limited Edition Packages

Zynga first introduced the option to leave Limited Edition Secret Packages in March 2012 they are usually issued alongside associated limited edition events. Below is a list of the limited edition packages issued so far.

Icon Actual
Associated Event
Secret Package Egg-icon
Secret Package Egg-small
Spring 2012 Event
Secret Package Basket-icon
Sectret Package Basket-small
Mother's Memories (Mother's Day Event)


Share Secret Package-feed
—Image © Zynga
All hidden packages found!
"Player" found all the gifts left by friends and neighbors. Here's a thank you bonus for all of you!
Share Bonus: 50 Estate Coins


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